Ring and Ride

Our Ring and Ride service is easy to use and will give you the freedom to go shopping, run any errands you need to in town or meet up with friends. 

How to make a Ring & Ride journey

​  Look at the Timetable to see on which day the bus serves your area.

​All you need to do is telephone the office co-ordinator on 01395 26 66 62 between 10.00am and 1:30pm Monday-Friday, at least one day before you want to travel.

​If you wish to travel on Monday you must book on or before the previous Friday.  We have room for one person to travel in a wheelchair, if necessary. 

​Please be ready by the first pick-up time shown for that day. You will be picked up from your home, but remember, unless you are the first pick up it may be later than the first pick-up time shown,  so please be patient.

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